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Healthy Blends Pack B

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Healthy Blends Pack B

Imagine whipping up powerful antioxidant energy-enhancing beverages each morning; blending a power-packed performance booster before the gym; or maintaining the health of your entire family healthy during cold winters. Now the Healthy Blends Pack gives you the all the special ingredients you'll need to create incredibly delicious and health-promoting, energizing, and vitalizing tonic beverages every day. Your entire family, including the kids, will love the flavors you'll create. 

Each pack saves you nearly 15% over purchasing these products separately. 

The Healthy Blends Pack includes:

  • Harmonia Deluxe™ Greens Drink Mix - Here is a delicious way to introduce more healthy green foods into your daily diet. Harmonia Deluxe blends instantly into juice or beverage right for your type. Now in a larger size with a full month's supply of servings.
  • Sip Right 4 Your Type Tea® B - Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's premium tea blends offer the finest in natural ingredients and carefully crafted, sophisticated flavors. These are the only teas specifically crafted to harmonize with your blood type and support your individual well-being.
  • Proberry 3™ Liquid - Delicious concentrate of elderberries, blueberries, cherries, and red raspberry provide powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals, and may even be a potent weapon against aging, especially beneficial during cold weather. Kids love it blended with juice.
  • ARA 6® Powder (100 gram) - This light, fiber-rich powder is easily blended into any liquid, and acts to increase friendly bacteria in the gut. ARA6 is also a gentle, safe immune enhancing product.
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