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D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition - Blood Type Diet

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Unlock the door to the mysteries of health, disease, longevity, and vitality with the Blood Type Diet.

Your blood type determines your susceptibility to illness, which foods you should eat, and how you should exercise. It is a factor in your energy levels, in the efficiency with which you "burn" calories, and in your emotional response to stress.

At D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition, we are dedicated to helping you put the theories and discoveries of Dr. Peter D'Adamo into successful everyday practice. Our philosophy is based on his research and his commitment to producing the finest quality educational products and supplements that are specifically tailored to each individual.

Dr. D'Adamo's research with blood types takes the science of genetics one step further, by stating unequivocally that every human being is utterly unique. In his first book, Eat Right for Your Type, he wrote about the Blood Type Diet, and that there is no right or wrong lifestyle or diet; there are only right or wrong choices to be made based on our individual genetic codes. Join with us on a journey of discovery to learn what is Right 4 Your Type.

Featured Products

Blood Type Supplements

Home Blood-Typing Kit

Collinsonia Plus
(Seasonal Support)

"I've tried many supplements before but nothing compares to Basic Pack A. It has been my staple for a few years now. It's an excellent combination which keeps me running like a well-oiled machine."

- Daisy

"The kit is easy to use. The instructions were very clear. In a matter of minutes I knew my blood type."

- Cynthia

"Since I started to take Collinsonia Plus, I just can not remember how miserable I felt in the past; one thing is for sure, the sneezing and my nose stuffed up all the time was the most annoying thing ever....thanks Dr. D'Adamo"

- Laura