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Genoma Skin Care

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Does Your Skin Need a Low-Carb Diet?

New research shows that sugar deposits may be the major cause of skin aging.

Skin science appears to have caught up with the humble sugar molecule. Wrinkles, sagging skin, and pigment deposits may stem less from the sun and more from one-way sugar molecules that we make as part of the aging process but cannot remove. With no small amount of serendipity, scientists call these wrong-way sugars "AGE molecules" (the AGE stands for "Advanced Glycation End-products").

AGE molecules are all around us, and often taste pretty good: Any time we brown an onion or caramelize sugar, we are making AGE molecules. However, when you make these molecules under your skin, you'll probably find much less to like about them.

Unlike most other complex sugars, AGE molecules are not easily removed from the body (Just think back to a time you tried to clean burnt sugar off of a piece of crockery!) And because they stay in place for years, the immune system can react to tissues they deposit in, causing inflammation, damage, and aging.

Yet there are natural products that can break up AGE molecules. Dr. Peter D'Adamo, world-renowned author of the New York Times Bestseller Eat Right For Your Type, has designed a new cosmeceutical line called D'Adamo Genoma Skin Care to develop products that specifically combat and remove AGE molecules, helping to restore your skin to a more youthful, healthy glow.

Anti-AGE Serum

Superior hydration to skin cells, virtually erasing dark AGE-spots


Day Light Face Crème

Luxurious hydrating Crème softens the skin reducing fine lines


Restorative Night Crème

Rejuvenating night crème that hydrates, firms and smoothes the skin


AGE-Inhibiting Toner

Wild-crafted, AGE-Inhibiting Toner hydrates and tones the skin


Rejuvenating Cleanser

Super-hydrating, gentle cleanser enhanced with carnosine and krameria


Eye Crème

Nourishing eye crème stimulates collagen production and skin renewal


Daily Repair Body Lotion

Healing and moisturizing body lotion with aloe vera and shea butter


Cellular Renewal Body Wash

Replenishing Body wash features Vitamin B5 and sodium hyaluronate


Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

French green clay mask detoxes, purifies and tones the skin


Genoma Derma

Reservatrol and L-lysine to help maintain healthy, youthful skin


Genoma Skin 4 Pack

Day Crème, Night Crème, Cleanser, and Toner


(Regular Price: $153.80)
GENOMA Skin 5 Pack

Day Crème, Night Crème, Cleanser, Toner, and Eye Crème


(Regular Price: $183.75)