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Joints and Mobility

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Your body is an amazing machine. When you move, your bones, joints, muscles and tendons work together in perfect movement and balance. Injuries and chronic conditions, such as arthritis and inflammation, can cause you to lose flexibility and joint stability resulting in considerable loss of range of motion. Following your specific Blood Type diet, GenoType diet or SWAMI protocol provides the first level of support in promoting maximum mobility, flexibility and joint health. Additionally, Dr. Peter D'Adamo has formulated a variety of products to reduce inflammation and restore your natural levels of flexibility and movement.


Boswella and Resveratrol to support healthy joints and flexibility



Supports digestive, liver and gallbladder function with curcumin



Pineapple enzyme provides natural tissue repair and digestive support



Helps support healthy connective tissue and blood vessel strength



Highly absorbable sea-derived calcium formula of exceptional purity


Joint Health Pack

Connectivar, Phloxicin, and Bromelain


(Regular Price: $86.85)
Arthritis: Fight It With The Blood Type Diet

The Individualized Plan for Defeating the Pain of Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Other Inflammatory Conditions. (Softcover)


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Phyto D 2000

Vitamin K and D with Chinese herbs for bone and connective tissue health