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Trehalose Complex

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Trehalose Complex

240 grams 
Serving Size: 1 Level Teaspoon (approximately 4.0 grams) 
Servings per container: Approximately 60 

The body's cells are tiny factories, and as such, they function under many of the same dynamic considerations: Materials and byproducts accumulate and must be removed.

These byproducts are usually some sort of misshapen protein that folded in some manner incomprehensible to the cell and hence not usable. Much like having a rock in your shoe, misfolded proteins in the cell factory trigger a cell-wide stress reaction to these weird proteins and the cell often goes to great lengths to either correct the problem or eliminate the problem protein. When this process is compromised, the cell can go through a stress response that accelerates its aging process.

Always at the frontier of new nutrition science, Dr. D'Adamo has discovered that this process is greatly assisted by a unique molecule known as trehalose, a natural disaccharide sugar. Trehalose is found in many organisms, including bacteria, yeast, fungi, insects, invertebrates, and plants. However, humans make very little trehalose. It functions to protect the integrity of the cell against various environmental stresses like heat, cold, desiccation, dehydration, and oxidation.

Trehalose has been accepted as a novel food ingredient in the EU and under the GRAS system in the U.S. and now from D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition, it is available in dietary supplement form.

Trehalose Complex acts on multiple levels and may protect nerves from the destructive forces of aging and environmental toxicity, support optimal nerve function as well as activity of the brain and nervous system.

Directions: Stir Trehalose powder into water with a squeeze of lemon or mix Trehalose with a beneficial juice. Mixing in a spoonful of ARA 6 - Pure Larch Powder will increase its effectiveness. Dr. D'Adamo recommends taking Trehalose an hour away from green tea, coffee, curcumin or quercetin.


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