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Harmonia Deluxe Greens

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Harmonia Deluxe Greens

198 Grams (7 oz.)
Suggested Use:
2 8 ounces of water or your favorite juice

This exceptional blend of nutrients is formulated to enhance your overall health, vitality and energy.

You know you should eat more fresh, healthy greens now here is a healthy way to introduce those fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

Harmonia Deluxe blends instantly into juice or beverage right for your type. Some customers enjoy blending this with Proberry 3 Liquid and water for a refreshing drink. What an energizing way to start the day! Our greens beverage powder provides an unequaled combination of botanicals, delivering a wide array of nutrients to the body. And, unlike any other health drink, it is designed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo to specifically benefit all blood types. Harmonia Deluxe provides an all-natural alternative to processed foods

Harmonia features a wide variety of sprouted seeds and grasses bursting with nutritional integrity and enzymatic activity. The blend also contains antioxidant-rich fruits such as elderberry, cherry and blueberry, plus phytonutrients, such as, ginger.

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Morning jump start
The best green detox Ive encountered as well as a great source of B Vitamins! I jumpstart every morning with my Harmonia Deluxe Power Punch Paul

A Powerful Drink
I love this green drink... I start each day by mixing it with my Beneficial Pineapple Juice. It tastes sooo Healthy!!! CT