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Nomad Activator

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Nomad Activator

60 vegetarian capsules
Suggested Use:
1 capsule 2 times daily

Nomad Activator was designed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo to enhance healthy nitric oxide function and promote proper resistance and immunity.

Nomad Activator Supplement Strategy:
  • Copper: Along with biotin (in the Nomad Catalyst formula) copper has significant nutritional effects on epigenetic gene functions, encouraging the proper function of the histones (molecules by which DNA can coil or uncoil itself)

  • Cordyceps Sinensis: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cordycepsis used to support healthy liver, kidney, heart, and immune system function. It also appears to act as an antioxidant in the body, protecting it from free radical damage. In animal studies, Cordyceps extract had good anti-aging effects, which wass probably due to effects of improving antioxidation and removing free radicals.

  • l-Arginine: An esential amino acid (protein building block) arginine is used to make nitric oxide, which reduces blood vessel stiffness, increases blood flow, and improves blood vessel function.

  • l-Lysine: An esential amino acid (protein building block) lysine also helps the body maintain proper muscle strength. Nomad Catalyst includes lysine so as to allow the body to have a balanced amino acid profile.

  • Dan Shen (Salvia): Salvia is a well-respected herb in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a liver protective, and helps balance nitric oxide production in the body. It is a powerful antioxidant and also possesses considerable anti-viral activity. Salvia also has a role in promoting healthy telomere function, a biomarker of aging.

Together with GenoType specific diet and lifestyle strategies, the Nomad Activator formula works in harmony with the Nomad Catalyst formula to support your body's natural ability to maximize your GenoType's strengths and minimize its weaknesses.
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