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BloodType AB-Right For Your Type

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The most valuable ingredients for your type can be missing from the most common retail supplement formulas - that's why it's essential to have a supplement formulated Right 4 Your Type! Type AB's supplement profile focuses on supercharging the immune system, supplying cancer-fighting antioxidants and strengthening the heart.
  • Polyvite AB - Uniquely designed, Polyvite AB is formulated to provide extra vitamin C - known for its immune boosting properties, and the powerful anti-oxidants turmeric, green tea and quercetin.
  • PolyFlora AB - When the bacteria in your body are in balance with your blood type, the result is healthy digestion and a balanced immune system. Our PolyFlora AB is a blend of blood type optimal flora strains and individualized growth media to create the perfect digestive balance for you.
Dr. Peter D'Adamo offers a full line of products specific to the Blood Type AB individual.

Read our monograph on Blood Type AB.