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Blood Type AB Supplements and Products

(NEW) Eat Right 4 Your Type


We are proud to introduce the revised and updated 20th anniversary edition of Eat Right for Your Type. With millions of people following the Blood Type Diet worldwide, and with all the advancement made in the field of personalized nutrition, we felt...

Revolutionary nutrition guide that introduced The Blood Type Diet to the world.

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Sip Right 4 Your Type Tea (Blood Type AB)


Time for tea right for your type. Specially crafted by Dr. Peter D'Adamo and the master tea blenders at Simpson & Vail, this designer blend is the only tea on the market today suited for the individual needs of Blood Type ABs. Sip Right 4 Your Type...

Premium loose tea crafted to harmonize with the biological needs of Blood Type ABs. Synergistically combines the health benefits of green tea with those of chamomile and hawthorn berries.

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Deflect - Lectin Blocker (Blood Type AB)


Sometimes, Avoids are simply unavoidable. Meet Deflect AB, your first line of defense against lectins in Avoid foods. A class of proteins that bind to the different antigens in each blood type, lectins can harm immune and digestive function. This causes...

The original shield against lectins. Designed to block problematic food lectins known to negatively impact Blood Type ABs.

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Polyflora - Pre/Probiotic (Blood Type AB)


We've personalized probiotics. Studies have documented the clear role our ABO blood type and secretor status play in determining the makeup of our microbiome the total population of bacteria that live within our digestive tract. Because the foods you...

Personalized probiotic with flora specifically beneficial for Blood Type AB. Also includes prebiotic synergists to strengthen digestive health.

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Polyvite - Personalized Multivitamin (Blood Type AB)


Why take a multivitamin designed for everyone else? Polyvite AB is a personalized multivitamin developed to address the specific needs of Blood Type ABs. Developed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, Polyvite AB uses a unique combination of herbal and nutritional...

Personalized multivitamin with herbal and nutritional immunomodulators to address the specific needs of Blood Type ABs.

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Protein Blend Powder (Blood Types B and AB)


A boost of protein, blended for you. Dr. Peter D'Adamo created Protein Blend Powder B/AB, a personalized, plant-based protein powder uniquely tailored to fuel and boost energy levels of Blood Type Bs and ABs. Naturally unflavored and containing no...

Personalized, plant-based protein blend of whey and rice uniquely tailored to fuel and boost energy levels of Blood Types B and AB.

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