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Vivani Organic Dark Chocolate

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Vivani Organic Dark Chocolate

(100 g) - 71% cocoa

Vivani Organic Dark Chocolate, a pleasure for gourmets and lovers of fine dark chocolate.

Only the highest standards can ensure excellent quality.

By strictly keeping to the rules that have been laid down for a really excellent quality in chocolate, Vivani has managed to develop a wide range of different chocolates. Apart from the chocolate lover's sensory expectations (like taste, chewing impression, oral feeling, and visual effect), these chocolates reflect the nature and the people of the countries where the ingredients are grown.
  • All ingredients are organically grown and certified.
  • Cocoa varieties are of top quality and are used in an optimum ratio of mixture.
  • All other ingredients are of top quality, too. The vanilla used in these chocolates, for example, is real Bourbon vanilla.
  • Lecithin is deliberately excluded.
  • Genetically engineered ingredients are not used.
  • Each type of chocolate has an elaborate recipe of its own.
  • The manufacturing process has been tuned to maximum conditions (intensive rolling mill treatment, longtime conching).
  • A perfect system of quality assurance guarantees a continuous high standard.
Vivani's Dark Chocolate recipe has been awarded the maximum score by "Savoir Vivre" (Issue 1/2002), a gourmet magazine. The editors tested 34 high-quality bitter chocolates; only two manufacturers, however, were able to achieve this top position.


cocoa mass*, raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*.

Cocoa solids: 71% minimum.

* From organic agriculture certified by Ceres, Germany

May contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts, milk and wheat (see allergy note).

We use no soy-lecithin!

Kosher, Ceres Certified
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