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Hyper-Assimilator Pack

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Hyper-Assimilator Pack

Are You a Hyper-Assimilator?
Do you gain weight eating even when low calorie dieting, have a sluggish elimination, suffer from gas or bloating, or feel tired after meal? Regain control of your metabolism with our new Hyper-Assimilator Pack.
The Hyper-Assimilator Pack includes (1) Glycoscia and (1) Trehalose Complex.

What To Do If You Are A Hyper-Assimilator

  1. Proper Diet
    At the very minimum, follow the correct diet for your ABO blood group. Eating right for your type insures that you are consuming foods that can help to balance out the bacterial population in your digestive tract. If possible, go the next step and incorporate the GenoType Diet information, either from the book, Change Your Genetic Destiny, or by using the SWAMI software system.
  2. Glycoscia
    Originally developed for use in his clinic, Dr. Peter D'Adamo designed Glycoscia to support the body's natural ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and enhance metabolism naturally.
  3. Trehalose Complex
    Trehalose Complex acts on multiple levels and may protect nerves from the destructive forces of aging and environmental toxicity, support optimal nerve function as well as activity of the brain and nervous system.

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