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IfHI Blood Type Conference 2003 - 15 CDs

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IfHI Blood Type Conference 2003 - 15 CDs

The landmark First International Conference was entitled A Century of Blood Type Science: The Blood Type Diet in Practice and in Life and this title only begins to represent the sheer volume of knowledge to be gained from the faculty of seven esteemed health pioneers, blood type scientists, and educators.

This audio series includes four invaluable master classes taught by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, and also features plenty of invaluable information for both health professionals and students of health.

In workshop intensives you'll experience:

  • How to create individualized nutritional plans and supplementation programs.
  • Achieve higher success ratios with more effective application of blood type principles.
  • Increase your competence in both foundational and advanced principles of blood type science.
Specialized Information for Health Professionals:
  • Learn from colleagues who already successfully offer Blood Type consulting in their practices.
  • Delve deep into blood type science with Dr. D'Adamo: Physiology; molecular basis of blood groups; subtypes and genetics; blood banking techniques; blood groups and diseases, and more.
  • Round out your proficiencies as a physician by developing potential new applications specific to particular sub-sections of the population.
  • Gain unique perspective and new insights into current scientific literature.

New Information for Health Conscious Individuals on Living the Blood Type Diet Lifestyle:

  • Learn foundational principles and practical guidelines for success with the Blood Type Diet.
  • Receive focused education on nutrition, blood group immunity, and diet basics.
  • Become a more knowledgeable and credible representative of the Blood Type Diet.

Seminar Faculty includes: Peter D'Adamo, ND, D. Bolner, PhD, Cheryl DeRoin, ND, and Bronner Handwerger, ND.

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