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Helpful Articles

 About the Blood Type Diet

The 'Fad Diet' That Might Just Save Your Life
While some criticize the blood type diet, calling it a 'fad diet' with little foundation in nutritional history, researchers have actually revealed impressive scientific evidence to support Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s blood type diet.
The Undiet: Why The Blood Type Diet is so Popular for Losing Weight
For a diet not designed as a traditional calorie-cutting “diet,” why is the Blood Type Diet so successful at helping people reach their natural, healthy weight?
Fight Cravings with the Blood Type Diet
We've all had them--the sudden desire for carbohydrates, sweets, fat, or all three. This can be especially difficult when starting out on The Blood Type Diet and introducing new foods.
The Importance of Secretor Status
For many people, knowing their ABO blood type and following the basic ABO diets in Eat Right 4 Your Type works very well. However, some individuals may not derive maximum benefit from the Blood Type Diet until they first determine their Secretor Status.
Eat Right and Burn Fat While Building Muscle
The Blood Type Diet offers much more than weight loss. And achieving your body’s ideal weight is more than just losing fat.
Kids are Individuals Too!
Tips for kids and teens on living right for their type.
Healthy Grains and Breads Right For Your Type
One of the most popular topics among those eating Right 4 Your Type are alternatives to wheat; grains and breads like spelt, quinoa, Manna and Ezekiel, to name just a few. Before being introduced to The Blood Type Diet, you probably weren’t familiar with most of these grains.
Ten Energy-Boosting Superfoods Right for Your Type
Ever feel like your get-up-and-go got up and went? Learn what supplements and super-foods will have you back in the game in no time.
Exercising RIght For Your Type
Many of us find ourselves sitting for long stints during the day, every day. Our muscles pay the price: the stiffness of joints and the weakening of muscles that we sometimes blame on aging are often a direct effect of inactivity. Making the effort to have toned muscles will mean you have strong muscles. Strong muscles are firmer, look better and help avoid potentially debilitating bone and joint injuries.
Biofilms and Herbal Medicine
Most microbes require some sort of attachment in order to infect. Many of these attachments are the result of lectin-like adhesions between the microbe and the gut, respiratory passages, urinary or reproductive tract. Since many of these lectins latch on to sugars, and the most common sugars on our membranes are those of our ABO blood group, it is not surprising to discover that many infections, if not most,have a preference for one blood type or another -another good reason to eat right for your type.

 About D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition Products

Dr. D'Adamo on Supplement Quality
Thank you for taking the time to read though the website. I take great satisfaction in having created the D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition products. I believe our products are among the very best currently available to the general public.
Why We Don't Use Stearates
There has been much controversy over use of stearates (a form of hydrogenated oil) in the production of nutritional supplements. Learn why we don't use them in our products.
Probiotics: Why Blood Type Matters
Learn about the science of probiotic formulas, what their benefits are and why NAP makes individualized formulas
Blood Type and Influenza
While the versatility of elderberry and these other berries is incredible, this article is going to limit itself primarily to a focus on elderberry's most well known use-as a remedy in the common "flu."
Mr. Itaru's Green Tea
Many people think our Itaru's Green Tea is just another green tea. One sip and they always change their minds. Itaru's Green Tea is simply in a class by itself.
The Active Forms of Vitamin B12
Not all B12 formulas are created equal. NAP's Methyl B12 Plus formula features methylcobalamin, the biologically active for of vitamin B12.
A New Discovery, A Superior Calcium from the Sea
Calcium is crucial, but what's the best source of calcium? Is one source of calcium better than another? Is there really a difference? Naturally, the most ideal source of balanced calcium.
Intrinsa: The Inside Story
The Intrinsa formula is a unique blend of short-chain-fatty acids (SCFA) that is designed to optimize the health and balance of the lower digestive tract.
Rhodiola rosea: A Powerful Adaptogen
Learn more about one of the prime ingredients in NAP's Catechol formula.
Health Benefits of Sprouted Foods and Green Drinks
"Eat your greens" is a common wisdom, but now new studies show why sprouts made from broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts,soy, kale and similar vegetables are rich in compounds that prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. Learn more about their nutritional integrity and enzymatic activity.
ARA 6: Larch Arabinogalactan
From its rather inauspicious beginnings—as an underutilized leftover from the logging industry --to one man's curiosity -- Larch Arabinogalactan has now arrived as an emerging new immune-enhancing darling of the natural foods industry.
Gifts From The Sea: Fucus Vesiculosis (bladderwrack)
Fucus seaweed is the the prime ingredients in NAP's Fucus Plus formula. Learn more about this amazing aid to a healthy metabolism and its many other surprising abilities.
The Deflect Line of Lectin-Blocking Formulas
Deflect products provide anti-adhesive therapy to lectin sensitive individuals. These ABO specific formulas block the effects of dietary lectins before they cause problems, by providing a source of free blocking carbohydrate.
Ayurvedic Wisdom: Salacia
Salacia is a genus of plants in the family Celastraceae. One species in particular, Salacia oblonga, used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine, is increasingly becoming the subject of considerable medical interest: in particular for its potential as an anti-diabetic agent.
Seasonal Allergies: Natural Cures
What are allergies? Well, in a simplified sense, an allergic reaction is an adverse or inappropriately amplified immune system response to something that many other people find harmless. Learn what you can do about them.
Polyvite - Why I Designed the Polyvite Multivitamins
Dr. Peter D'Adamo's insight on the development of these multivitamin formulas.

 Profiles of the Blood Types

Blood Type O Basics: What Makes a 'Type O' an Individual?
Type O was an early success story, and the type O ancestral prototype was a canny, aggressive predator. Aspects of the Type O profile remain essential in every society even to this day – leadership, extroversion, energy and focus.
Blood Type A Basics: What Makes a 'Type A' an Individual?
The Type A emerges into the 21st century with many more complex challenges than their ancestors could have imagined. Learn how this critical dietary adjustment can empower their sensitive immune system.
Blood Type B Basics: What Makes a 'Type B' an Individual?
As a Type B, you carry the genetic potential for great malleability and the ability to thrive in changeable conditions. Unlike blood types A and O, which are at opposite ends of every spectrum, your position is fluid.
Blood Type AB Basics: What Makes a 'Type AB' an Individual?
Type AB blood is the rarest and most modern of the blood types. Found in less than 5% of the population, it resulted from the intermingling of Type A with Type B about ten centuries ago.

 About the GenoType Diet System

The Epigenetic Landscape
Many genes carry a sign that says, 'Ignore me' --these genes are then silenced. Other genes carry a sign that says 'Pay attention to me' –these genes are activated. What makes this noteworthy is that the patterns of these signs are just as inheritable as the very genes themselves, and under change under the direct influence of our diet and other enviromental influences. Read about the theoretical basis of the Genotype Diets.
Epigenetic Inheritance
'Anatomy is destiny,' wrote Sigmund Freud. Since epigenetics charts the trajectory of one's journey through the 'Epigenetic Landscape' from genotype to phenotype, not surprisingly many of its most distinguishable marks can be determined via simple physical measurements and observations.
The Hunter
Tall, thin, and intense, with an overabundance of adrenaline and a fierce, nervous energy that winds down with age, the Hunter was originally the success story of the human species. Vulnerable to systemic burnout when overstressed, the Hunter's modern challenge is to conserve energy for the long haul.
The Gatherer
Gatherers carried humanity on their backs during times of famine and scarcity. They are Nature's ultimate survival strategy. Vulnerable to conserving calories as stored fat, the Gatherers' modern challenge is to fit their survival programming to the realities of today's overabundance of fats and sugar.
The Explorer
Explorers are very often medical enigmas. They can be challenging to diagnose, since nothing apparent or obvious presents itself as a problem. Physically, they may appear to be in good health, but will complain of a sudden loss of energy, or a sudden inability to tolerate a certain food, supplement or drug.
The Teacher
The Teacher carries an impressive wisdom of the body. Long ago, Teacher GenoTypes incorporated rich and abundant sources of protein in combination with rapid adoption of simple but effective agricultural technologies, and went on to develop a reasonably flexible worldview. However, their too-tolerant immune system can sometimes be a vulnerability.
The Warrior
The Warrior is all about youth. They emerge from the womb, strong and healthy, and are beautiful children, with few health problems, and a natural fitness that is the product of enviably efficient metabolisms. However, unless carfeul about diet and stress reduction, Warriors can age prematurely.
The Nomad
Overall, Nomads have excellent metabolic capacity and in a state of proper health and balance are not prone to obesity, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. They usually have normal hormone function, tend to have little problems with stress, and sleep restfully. However, they can be prone to viral problems.
woman's handsFingerprints
Fingerprints aren’t just for identification anymore…studies determine your fingerprint patterns may hold clues to revealing potential health threats, including Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

 A Level-by-Level Approach to Healing

Level 1: Simply Beautiful
Level 1 Health moves you from the confusion of 'one size fits all dieting' to an approach that begins to treat you as an individual: The Blood Type Diet. click here to read
Level 2: Deepening Your Discovery
Level 2 Health moves you from Basic Blood Type Diet to the more individualized and advanced concepts in Dr. D'Adamo's book Live Right 4 Your Type. Level 2 Health uses new data which looks at the importance of secretor subtype as a refinement to the Blood Type Diet.
Level 3: The Power to Change Destiny
Level 3 Health moves you from the world of single genes (such as blood type and secretor status) to a new world of possibilities: The ability to use foods to improve your genetic function
Level 4: The Ultimate Personalized Lifestyle
Level 4 Health employs Dr. Peter D'Adamo's sophisticated computer software, SWAMI Xpress to generate a completely individualized nutrition diet plan just for you.

 Customer Programs

Club Four
You’re busy; you have more to think about than ordering your supply of 4 Your Type nutrients each month. And you don’t want to be without a constant supply of the one-and-only nutrient line Right 4 Your Type. With Club Four, you will now have your nutrient basics delivered right to your door each month, and save time and money in the process.
Become a Shareright Affiliate
The ShareRight Partners Program is an Internet-based, affiliate program designed to track sales of D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition® products by family and friends whom you've referred. It allows you to supplement your income on your own time and in your own way. You can work from home and in your local community while managing your own schedule. You sell the products, and we do the rest!